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Vital Statistics

Height: 5'4"
Weight Off Season: 155lbs.
Weight Contest: 134 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde

Contest History

2002 Jan Tana Classic: 2nd place middle weight
2001 Extravaganza: 3rd place middle weight
2000 Jan Tana Classic: 4th Place
1999 NPC National Championship: 1st middleweight and overall;
Earned professional Status
1998 NPC Nationals: 2nd middleweight division
1998 Junior USA: 1st middleweight and overall
1996 Junior Nationals: 3rd heavyweight
1995 Eastern Classic: 1st middleweight and overall

Occupations & Hobbies

I am furthering my education to become a Physician's Assistant. In my spare time in enjoy dancing, relaxing with soft music, scuba diving, swimming and any other outdoor activity.

Goals & Ambitions

My number one goal is to one day step on the Ms. Olympia stage and with the title. To be a role model for other women and to prove to the world that a "muscular woman" can still be feminine.

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