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Tip 3

Psyche up for the war to follow the weights...

No matter how hard you think you train, you can train harder. Most lifters have room for a big hike in their effort level. If you were really pushed you could do an extra two or more reps per set. So really push yourself, or get a serious training partner to push you. To produce those extra growth producing reps...

To push yourself hard you need to stop spreading your energy over a lot of sets. Begin to cut your number of sets in half, then jack up your effort level on the reduced workload.

Put this tip to the test, and you will see the difference it will make in your effort level.

Keep your effort up by maintaining your focus…

Don't talk between sets, cut yourself off from those who go to the gym to "socialize" rather than train hard. Talk after you finish a workout. Avoid everything that diverts your mind from the rigors of intense training.

Stay focused, train hard, and god bless!

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