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Tip 4

Once you stimulate growth you need to ensure that your body can actually produce growth, otherwise what was the point of stimulating growth.

1) Post training nutrition

As soon as possible after your workout, have nutritious meal rich in protein and carbohydrates. Choose something that digest very easily. After about two hours east a high quality, nutrient dense meal. (including foods that contain the essential fatty acids.) Bodybuilding nutrition isn't just about protein, but protein intake is especially important in the hours following your workout.

Through accurate calorie counting and trial and error, you will discover (and then adopt) the maximum daily caloric intake. It must contain high-quality "nutrient" dense foods you can consume without increasing your body fat level.

2) Rest and recovery

Conserve your energy and give your body maximum relief so that it may recover from an intense workout. You must Rest and sleep more often than usual. If you must be awakened each morning, you are not getting enough sleep. If your still wiped out 48 hours after a workout, you did to much in the gym, and haven't rested enough.

Never train unless you've recovered from the previous workout. If your feeling anything less than 100%, significantly cut back on your training volume (set, reps) and intensity (weight lifted) and consider taking another day off.

If you don't follow these steps, you'll accumulate a severe demand on your body before it has time to recover from our previous workout.
This definitely will not help your long-term progress!!
God Bless!

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