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Tip 5

Some people get too territorial with their back training. They insist that a certain exercise hit only a specific part of the back.

What should be understood is that while each exercise may focus on one area more than others, most back exercises affect the total back area. For instance, dumbbell rows primarily affect the mid and upper back, but to a lesser degree they also work the outer lats and even the traps. When doing any back exercises, hold the mental image that the whole back is being stressed.

The Barbell Row(70-Degree Angle)

This exercise will indeed take the most out of you. By allowing you to unleash raw power, it packs on mass like no other back exercise. But along with that raw power comes a need for safety and total concentration. This applies not only when you are doing the exercises but as you assemble your thoughts prior to a set.

You have to be 100% ready mentally so that you can take your body to the limit without causing injury.

Stay focused, train hard, and God bless.

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