Valkor’s Gold Making Guide – Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes that World of Warcraft (WoW) players make that could easily be corrected if they would learn and use the information in one of the popular WoW gold guides such as Valkor’s Gold Making Guide.

1. Using only one gold making technique such as grinding to try to make all of your gold. There are other profitable gold making techniques, but since most players first learn to make gold using grinding, they tend to stick with that one technique and never branch out to other good techniques.

2. Setting a target level of making gold that is below what they are capable of. For example, many players will become satisfied with just making 100 gold per hour when their is no reason that they could, through hard work and practice, be making 200 per hour. They become “complacent” and settle for less than what they could be making.

3. Trying to learn all of the gold techniques on their own instead of getting help from an experienced player or from a good gold making guide like Valkor’s Gold Making Guide. There’s no reason to go it alone when it comes to making gold. There’s plenty of expertise out there to help both new and intermediate players.

4. Going to the Auction House unprepared. This is probably the most costly mistake that players make. The Auction House is where profits are made. It’s also a place that is pretty fast paced and requires some experience to get used to. Many players go into the auction house and jump into the action right away without first observing what other. more experienced players, are doing.

5. Giving up on making gold too soon. many players simply become impatient and give up on making gold. The temptation to buy gold and avoid all the time and work involved in making it can become overwhelming, particularly when a player sees the amount of gold others players have because they went the quick and easy ( and illegal) route of buying g