A Lucrative Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Start-up

If you travel back a couple of years to the first wave of digital transformation,Guest Posting you’ll see that start-ups led the way to the path we are walking on today.

So, it will not be presumptuous to say that start-ups possess the power to bring about a radical change.

But, what happens when these start-ups face digital challenges upon entry?

In fact, are there any start-ups that have crashed and burned due to negligence?










The critical areas of focus, as start-ups, are attaining generous funding, pitching their product or service to a variety of people, and climbing to the top with the others. Amidst these KRAs, digital marketing seems to take a back seat.

Here’s something that’ll prove my point!

According to a report by Statista, start-ups do not spend enough time enhancing their digital marketing strategies. Such negligence could result in poor marketing, causing the crash. Not only digital marketing but web design and SEO packages also seem to take a hit.

Given that Digital Darwinism is already making businesses run around the arena headless chickens, not investing in your digital marketing strategies could be the last thing – actually, I’d say it shouldn’t be a thing! Because at the end of the day, investing in your web design and SEO is the right way to invite organic traffic to your website.