An Overview Of A Bullion Business Opportunity – KB Gold

The KB Gold Business is represented in Switzerland, Turkey and Germany, as follows:
• The gold mining company and gold refinery are based in Turkey, and the gold refinery is owned by KB.
• The gold storage and shipment operations are based in Switzerland. Swiss gold storage is well-known for security.
• The administration, sales and marketing, customer services, etc, are all based in Germany.

KB-Edelmetall undergoes quality control and random inspections by Swiss authorities to ensure quality and purity of its products.

As KB handles all the mining, refining and production, this means there are huge savings in production costs, as there are no middlemen involved.

In 2008, the KB-Edelmetall introduced a referral business model to market its gold products to consumers.

Owning Gold Bullion From KB Edelmetall Company

The majority of world currencies have lost their value over time. For thousands of years, gold has been known to retain its value.

Given the current worldwide trends of governments printing large amounts of currency, and your savings losing their value daily, it’s important to have some way of preserving your wealth and savings. KB Gold Business offers small denominations of gold bullion bars, which ordinary people will find convenient. The Gold Business opportunity offers people:
1. Certified gold products in small denominations
2. 24 carat gold which is globally accepted as currency
3. The best guaranteed buy-back price in Europe

This gold bullion is offered in KB Gold cards, which are currently accepted as currency in over 5000 establishments in Germany and Europe. People pay for their goods and services using the KB Gold card; gold bullion contained in a credit-card type casing.

This gold business opportunity also offers the KB Gold savings account, and the opportunity to get paid for referrals. This process entails:

1. Opening a Gold And Silver savings account, with KB. This is an account which you own, manage and can control online.
2. Deposit monthly amounts into the account, just as you would in a regular savings account. Your deposits are immediately e