Did Da Vinci Leave a Hidden Message in the Mona Lisa?

The world famous painting “Mona Lisa” once again find itself at the center of a Da Vinci mystery,Did Da Vinci Leave a Hidden Message in the Mona Lisa? Articles though this time the mystery is in the world of fact rather than fiction. By studying the painting up close through very powerful magnifying glasses, Italian scientists have thus discovered that the dark parts of the eyes of the Mona Lisa have additional secrets to tell: a series of letters and numbers the meaning of which is still unclear.

While it sounds like a discovery strait out of the pages of Dan Browns Da Vinci mystery, in which the painting contains clues that lead to a quest for the Holy Grail, the new discovery is very real. The discovery was made by Silvano Vinceti, the head of the Italian committee for Cultural inheritage, who explained to the Daily Mail of Britain that the letters and numbers are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Only through the use of powerful magnifying equipment can the numbers and letters be seen, but then they can actually be seen quite clearly, though the exact letters can still be hard to see.

So far, it has been clearly established that the right pupil contains the letters LV, which could potentially be short for Leonardo da Vinci. The symbols in the left eyes are not as clear and no consensus on the exact letters has yet been agreed. It is however agreed that it could either be CE or CB. It has been speculated that these might be the initials of the female in the painting. While it has been widely speculate