Fantastic Face Painting

Face painting isn’t just for little kid’s birthday parties or for sporting the team colors in the fan stands anymore. This artistic talent is a great way to transform yourself into almost anything you can imagine, the options for Halloween costumes are limitless! To keep from drawing attention away from your magnificent mug, the rest of your costume should be fairly simple. Pair your face paint creation with a basic layer of clothes, like a pair of simple black pants and a shirt or a monochromatic leotard and tights. And the great news is that face-painting is a very economical way t

Getting a great idea can be the hardest part of creating your look; whiskered kitty cat faces, sparkly fairy eyes and superhero masks are all a bit over done thanks to face-painting booths at every carnival in town. To get inspiration, you can search through magazines or, even better, Google “face paining” and you’ll find many unique and unusual ideas! For example, a search of the Internet will uncover the creations of James Kuhn, a Michigan-based artist who likes to paint his own face in some pretty weird and wacky ways – the famous painting, American Gothic or the entire 70s band KISS. We’re also fond of these matched up goldfish, one on the guy’s cheek and one on the girl’s cheek. You’ll see by the bared teeth that they’re fighting, but they can pucker up and kiss too!

Professional face-paining artists offer some good safety tips for adding face-painting to your Halloween costume. Safety first, as they say. Always use suitable paints on your face. Experts say that just because a paint may say “non-toxic” doesn’t mean that it is actually safe to smear all over your face. You could experience an allergic reaction by using a paint not specifically approved by the FDA for use on human skin. Also, don’t use washable markers or lead pencils on your face either. If you are using glitter to add detail to your masterpiece, it should be made of polyester and.008 microns in size or smaller – this type of glitter is approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Finally, when creating the face painted Halloween costume, make sure to use clean sponges and brushes so that you do not create an infection.

Todd Denning