How Do You Hug?

Insights Into the Art of Hugging

How do you hug?

Do you:

1) Pat on the back? (“Burp”)

2) Avoid eye-contact after you hug? (“No-lookie hug”)

3) Embrace so tight that the person can hardly breathe? (“Bear hug”)

4) Hold your partner with only one arm? (“One-handed hug”)

5) Only connect at the shoulders? (“A-frame hug”)

6)  Allow only your stomach to have physical contact? (“Belly hug”)

7) Connect only at the hip? (“Hip hug”)

Do you recognize yourself? Is hugging a fulfilling experience for you? Did you have parents who felt comfortable hugging? Are you hugging others the way you were hugged? Or have you consciously chosen to hug in a different way?

As a Marriage,Guest Posting Family, Therapist, speaker and workshop facilitator, I have had the opportunity to give and receive many hugs. For example, at the end of each counseling session I ask the client if they would like a hug. Most of the time the man or woman welcomes one with a smile. As we embrace, I can tell how much the person is open to touching, and to giving and receiving love, or if they are just unaware of how they are hugging.

One client, Dave, was having trouble in his relationship with his girlfriend, Susan. At the