How Much Does an Acupuncture School Cost?

question considering how important financial matters are to your final determination of where and whether to go to school, but it is not so easy to answer. It depends on several things: where you live, what type of school you go to, plus other factors. If you really want to know the answer to “how much does a acupuncture school cost,” you need to make up your mind on a few matters first.


The first factor to consider in the cost of acupuncture school is the type of school you want to attend. There are both private colleges and vocational schools where you can train for this career. If you want to finish quicker you should choose a private school, but expect to pay more. The exact cost per unit or hour differs dramatically, and most schools do not openly post this information on their Web sites, so you really have to do some legwork and contact each school individually to get the cost information you need.

The loss of wages you will experience because of all the time you must invest in studying and practice hours is a huge factor that must be taken seriously. Even if the tuition at the school you choose sounds cheap, the fact that you won’t be able to work very much will definitely make a difference in your budget. And just because an expensive school sounds like it’ll get you done with your training and out working in the field faster doesn’t mean it’s a good choice – they may be unaccredited or disreputable, so do some research.

There may be minimum requirements regarding the number of hours of practice that you must complete before becoming certified to work in this field depending on your state, which means you may work free for hundreds of hours. Many acupuncture schools also require previous education, so if you’ve never attended college or gotten a degree you might not qualify. There are many factors to consider when it comes to the cost of acupuncture school.