Hypnosis – 20 Steps to Get Rid of Dog Fear

you can use hypnosis to help you get rid of this fear.

Barking dogs seldom bite is an old but true saying. Yes,Hypnosis – 20 Steps to Get Rid of Dog Fear Articles it’s true that most dogs bark but seldom do they bite. Barking is simply the dog’s way of communication.

Most people panic when a dog comes near and starts sniffing around. This is only the dog’s way of familiarizing himself with you. Dogs rely on their sense of smell more than anything else.

If you are scared then the dog senses it and will be wary of you. On the other hand if you are cool then the dog will want to get friendly with you.

With hypnosis you can overcome your fear of dogs. Hypnosis replaces irrational fears and anxieties about dogs and replaces them with realistic ones. It helps you to relax around dogs. You will start to feel that dogs are friendly and lovable.

Hypnosis enables you to handle dogs with confidence. It is helpful to get rid of your fear of dogs because are all around us, be it in the park, on the road in a friend’s or relative’s home. No longer you will fear to be around a dog with hypnosis.

RELAXATION STATE: This is the first stage of hypnosis.


1. Sit in a calm and comfortable place where you are not at all disturbed.

2. Now simply concentrate on your breathing and feel relax.

3. As I count from 1 to 10 feel relaxed. With every count feel all your fear and phobias

Going away and away and away. Let no thought of fear disturb and interrupt you.

4. Now you are completely relaxed. You are in the deep state of hypnosis.

STATE OF POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS: This is the most important stage of hypnosis where the desired suggestions are made and your subconscious is highly receptive to suggestions in this hypnotic stage.

5. As you have entered the deep state of hypnosis, now your