Images Inside The Kaaba

While millions of Muslims make a pilgrimage, known as the Hajj, to Mecca each year the question is why? The aim of their journey is to circle the Kaaba seven times and to cast stones at a black rock which represents the devil, but what does it mean? The building is a black cube and considered the House of God by those who worship there. It is the Holy of Holies and in the Quran it is called ‘Bait Ullah’ or ‘house of Allah. Where ever they are in the world Muslims must face towards Mecca when performing salat (prayer).

The inside of the Kaaba is protected from the view of outsiders and very few are allowed to see inside. The mysteries and secrets of the religion is requisite for its power. Recently, however, someone took a video of the structure inside and filmed its iconic images and posted it on UTube. There in all their glory are depictions of the sun and moon, exactly as shown on the flag of Islam.

Researching the origin of religions took me to Babylon where the first Islamic religion was hatched. The chief god was the sun and it made a wonderful perpetually moving image as the rays penetrated an aperture and divided into the beautiful sun-star with rings of rainbow colored lights. Central to the image is the right angled cross.

The awesomeness of the star, cross and circle through which the light came gave rise to the sacred images in the religions that emerged from it. The sun was considered, however, the undeniable main influence for life with its power to create and to maintain the world in balance.

What was laid down then by the elders who interpreted the signs as being messages from the sun could never be altered. That is why the Kaaba has the iconic images of the sun and the moon within. But there is more to the story.

What Muslims and Christians worship is the sun in its various roles from which the chief gods of religions have emerged. The image behind the power of man put women into an unfavourable light and is the reason they are