Is It Possible That Your Car Will Run On Water

protagonists drive some amazing car that runs on water or even air. Many of us actually dream of such a car which will permit us to save a good deal on fuel costs and relieve us from the almost perennial thought of the irreversible

Scientists have actually been engaged in this kind of research for quite a long time now and ultimately they have met success. Scientific theories today prove that it is possible to generate high quantity of energy from water.

Once this becomes achievable on a large scale, it can have a great impact on our lives in various spheres where we use power apart form driving a car. Water is the most easily and abundantly available substances on this planet and there is not a remote possibility that water, like fuel, will sky-rocket in pricing. Scientists have long been trying to make an engine that can be run smoothly on energy derived from ‘burning’ water. Well, we all know that water is non-combustible.

Therefore, ‘burning’ water sounds more like a fantastic proposition. The scientists, however, say that if you can form a mixture of a few other components in correct proportions with broken down water, then it can well be able to produce energy sufficient to run a car.

This whole process of breaking down water is also known as electrolysis. The car battery sends electricity into the water. This electricity breaks water into its constituent oxygen and hydrogen atoms. This then forms a new compound HHO which is highly combustible and releases of the required energy. Therefore, running your car on water does not mean that you just pour in a bottle of water instead of petrol or gasoline in your car’s gas tank and start running the car.

This is a proven way of using water for running cars. Still, it nee