Life Is Easy, Isn’t It?

“Life is easy” seems easily understood intellectually. Take
what comes along with thanks and gratitude; the
circumstances and choices we make are perfect for us. All
this feels right when said in a contemplative atmosphere.
But after a few doses of life’s reality,Guest Posting we have a difficult
time bringing “life is easy” to daily application. Loved
ones with health problems, layoffs and down-sizing,
widespread terrorism, and random killings, all cause us to
choke a bit on the phrase.

But is life easy? Well, it can be. Deepak Chopra reminds us
that other natural beings simply are who they are. Birds do
what birds do, as do fish, dogs, deer, etc. They may be very
busy hunting food, rearing young, seeking safety, but they
don’t seem to be stressed by it all. Grass grows and dies
back, only to grow again. Trees grow and spread, drop their
seeds, shed their leaves, and grow them again. Don’t we all
aspire to the easy life? Aren’t the benefits of it self
explanatory; peace, tranquility, harmony with our

Then why is life hard for most of us? What prevents us from
sustaining a life is easy belief? Some o