Natural Beauty Tips: Choosing Neutral Eyeshadow

makeup according to the occasion. When selecting neutral eyeshadow, it is best to purchase a palette that contains several colors – this allows you to create a look that has character and depth while still remaining natural in appearance. You should also choose shades that compliment your skin tone. Even though you are using neutral eye colors, keep in mind that a specific neutral shade may be too dark or too light on one person while looking perfect on someone else. The best thing for you to do is to experiment with various neutral shadows that have different finishes such as shimmer, glitter, or matte.

Another reason to choose a palette with different shades of neutral eyeshadow is that doing your eyes with just one color may not be as effective as layering all of the light and dark neutral tone in the palette. Also, you can blend a few different neutral colors together in order to create a different, more appealing look than can be achieved with utilizing just one eyeshadow.

Palettes of neutral eyeshadow are typically packaged with a few different lid shades, highlight shades, and crease shades. A highlight shade is the lightest color (usually white or cream), a lid shade is the medium-toned color, and a crease shade is the darkest in color. In order to get the best look from your neutral eyeshadow palette, apply a highlight shade onto the area below your eyebrow and inside the corners of your eyes. The lid shade color needs to be applied onto your eyelids. The crease shade needs to be blended in the crease. Then, take a clean makeup brush and blend the colors together so that they are shaded on your eye rather than appearing as three distinct colors.

Neutral eyeshadow colors range from a very pale white to a rich brown. Some shades of black, peach, and beige are also considered to be neutral eyeshadow. For a night out on the town, you can add in a shimmery or glittery neutral shade. For a daytime look at the office, you may opt to just wear matte shadows.

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