Preventive Maintenance System

The Preventive Maintenance System is a series of service and repair
procedures performed at regularly scheduled intervals, to prolong the
life of your vehicle, and to minimize the chances of unexpected

Why is the Preventive Maintenance System so important?

1. Ignoring the regular maintenance schedule will void the vehicle
manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Maintenance doesn’t cost a lot of money, unexpected repairs do!

3. It doesn’t take a lot of time or inconvenience to do regular maintenance.

4. Many service facilities will do an oil change and fluids check while
you wait.

5. It’s not a good feeling to know that your vehicle is not reliable. Regular maintenance makes the vehicle more dependable.

The preventive maintenance schedule is different for every vehicle. Some
vehicles are driven short distances, and not every day. Most vehicles are
driven in “stop and go” traffic for hours. Vehicle’s manufacturers call this
“severe” service, and maintenance intervals for this type of driving are
much more frequent.

This website will give you basic guidelines for following your vehicle’s
preventive maintenance schedule. You can’t go wrong following these
simple recommendations, and adjusting the maintenance sche