Prophecies of The End Times

If the spirit of God is in any part of you,Guest Posting you will not want to become thirsty for blood and vengeance and you would neither request nor expect God to agree with you about having earned the right to kill other people. If the spirit of God is in any part of you, you will not want to judge, but will want to embrace love and forgiveness. If the spirit of God is in any part of you, you will always and forever want what is best for the earth and all who exist there.

The spirit of God is in every part of you. If you open your heart to hear his voice, you will see that the verse above, and thousands of similar verses, have nothing to do with the loving and forgiving God that is part of you. You can find his love and forgiveness and really feel it…deep, deep inside that part of you that has never totally forgotten the goodness of our creator.

How can the same God, the same Jesus, who looked upon his attackers while hanging from the cross, feel such compassion and forgiveness for those people and then later desire to kill them? Only a god that can change and only a god that reacts the way man does, could act this way. Only a god without the capacity to forgive can be this way…and that god is not the God that was part of Jesus, but a god made by man and embellished by stories of self-rightousness aimed to control by fear through the threat of punishment an