Satellite Internet and Staying Connected to Friends and Family

With all of the new technology out there designed to keep people in touch, you’d think that there are more affordable options for communicating with friends and family. Unfortunately, a lot of monthly cell phone contracts, even with long distance, can get pretty pricey once roaming is added into the equation, and with landlines on the decline, the cost of long distance from a regular phone can feel as though it’s going up, even as the technology itself is getting outdated.

Part of the reason that the phone companies have to charge more these days is the fact that people have moved to the internet when it comes to staying in touch with both friends and family members alike. For those under the age of 30, the idea of sending an email where you might have sent a letter 40 years ago is something completely normal, as well as polite, and it is becoming more commonplace to avoid calling cell phones altogether in favor of simply texting.

But for those in the country who have been waiting on things like satellite internet to come their way, there is not the same ability to jump on the new technology train and take advantage of the numerous ways you can stay connected online. The thing to remember is that dial-up is definitely far too slow to handle the same sort of things that satellite internet makes possible. Because dial-up relies on a traditional phone line, you cannot send the amount of data that is necessary to accomplish something as complicated as video-chatting, or even just attaching a few photos to an email.

Communications with faster variations of internet, though, make staying connected from anywhere not just simple, but also quick and convenient. Because satellite internet can deliver a signal anywhere in the country, you are able to have a connection that is the same as or faster than typical broadband. And this means that you can choose from a number of money-saving options. Skype or Google Video chat, or if you are using a Mac, just use iChat. This way, you can enjoy voice-to-voice or face-to-face communication at a price that is a lot more fair than the roaming charges you might be dealing with if you’re living off the grid with a cell phone.

But it’s about more than just using satellite internet to find online substitutions to regular ways of being connected. The internet has definitely ushered in a culture where it makes just as much sense to rely on something like email or Fa