Say bye-bye to Illegal music downloads?

Both Napster and Microsoft Music Service are working on new way to get customers to download music file to their iPod and otherportable mp3 players for less than $1 per song. Actually,Guest Posting significantly less. Both of these music service are working on a way allow customers to downloads as much music as they want as long as it goes directly to an iPod

This is great news for customers who still think $1 per song is too steep. Although the price model words for one song, 10 songs or even 100 songs, it starts getting outrageous when you go by factors of ten. If an iPod holds 10,000 songs and you want to fill it up, you would have to spend $10,000. Most people can fill up the iPod in less than a year.

Unfortunately, they probably won’t spend $10,000 on music, in any single year. So, what you could have is a legal product, the iPod, being used to hold thousands of illegal songs because the space is there. (assuming the iPod would be open later on to all mp3 formats.)

Napster has a workaround