Seized Government Cars – Directly From the Auction

How do some people keep one new car after another? Are they rolling in money? Are they millionaires? Not at all! These people I’m talking about are the ones who know the secret (the cheap car secret). These are ordinary people like you and me and your favorite uncle – the difference is that they know about government auctions for seized cars! They understand that buying a brand new car from the dealership is costly, and a real hassle. As soon as you drive away from a dealership, the car loses value; on the other hand, buying an amazing car for cheap, from a government seized car auction can be the way to go if you want to finally get your fantasy car at a price anyone can

As I was saying, the cost of a new, dealership purchased vehicle, along with gas, repairs and taxes, can be hard to take. Sometimes vehicles are seized and auctioned by the government for reasons of evading taxes, or other such laws. The cars are then auctioned to the general public, and even though they may only be a couple of months old, and in excellent condition, the cheap prices are too good to miss! These are great resources to get an expensive car, for cheap!

Government seized car auctions often have a very wide range of vehicles to choose from. People who are “in the know” are usually there before anyone else. Can you imagine getting a car worth tens of thousands of dollars for 90 to 95% off the retail price? Before I went to a government auction, I couldn’t believe it, either, but now,