Swivel Bar Stools Move to the Kitche

Bar stool heights vary depending on the height of the table, bar or counter top where they will be used. A good estimating method of determining what height seat you need on your bar stools is as follows. Generally speaking, the seat height should be from 11-12 less than the table or bar surface height. For example: A 42 inch tall bar needs stools that are about 30 inches to the top of the seat. Counter tops are 36 inches tall generally and require a stool that is 24 inches in seat height. This is generally referred to as a “counter stool.” Dining tables are 30″ inches tall and standard chairs are generally 18 inches in seat height.


Many homes today are being built with very tall bars and counters at a height of approximately 48 inches. While these were rare in the past, they are becoming more common place. This is a good standing height for a bar and the seating required here must be extra tall at a seat height of 34 – 36 inches. These extra tall bar stools are not normally sold through all outlets so you may have to search to find what you are loo