The In’s and Out’s of Pre-Owned Domain Names

I don’t know about you,The In’s and Out’s of Pre-Owned Domain Names Articles but sometimes it seems like all of the
best domain names have already been taken. On more than one
occasion, I’ve come up with a great domain name for a site,
only to find that someone else had already purchased it. I can
live with that, but sometimes I’ve found that it has been
purchased by some scum domain scavenger, and that’s really

A domain scavenger is someone who purchases a whole bunch of
domain names under the theory that people will want to purchase
some of them during the year or two that they own them. These
people are bottom feeders, as they hold many useful domains,
demand huge prices, and do not provide any real value. It’s not
uncommon to find that a domain name is not available, to check
the WHOIS information and find it is owned by “this domain is
for sale”. In fact, some of these scum have been known to
purchase thousands of domain names made of up the first and last
names from a phone book, in the hopes that at least some of the
people will want their names as a dot com.

Anyway, domains are only purchased for a specific time period,
and they do come up for renewal regularly. Quite often they are
not renewed, and at that time the domain names may be purchased
by others. Even the so-called “good names” are occasionally not

Sometimes domain names do not get renewed because the business
that owned them is no longer operational. Sometimes the business
still exists but has found it no longer wants or needs a domain
name. Quite often the bottom feeders will allow their
unpurchased domain names to expire because they don’t have the
funds to purchase them again or they feel the domains are no
longer marketable or profitable.