knowledge. The ordinary aim of what is uttered by our speech and what is heard by our ears is to increase our data bank of worldly information. If a person wishes to convey his thoughts and emotions to another person and also know the reaction of this he has to use the medium of words. Words are vehicles that transport/transmit our thinking and sentiments. They drag these here and there and hence by warding off the loneliness experienced by humans helps attain oneness with others. The entire credit of transforming the micro (individual) into macro (cosmic form) goes to these words uttered. Lest mankind did not possess the specialty of speaking then akin to monkeys,THE MIND BOGGLING SOUND ENERGYof SUPER MANTRA GAYATRI Articles bears etc he would have existed somehow in a very mediocre manner. Today man getting the credit of being called the crest jewel of entire world creation is because of this specialty to speak.

Everyone knows how great the utility value of word and sound is for material progress. Attaining the recognition of the potential of word vault, which is the root goal of education means getting benefitted from it. The art of writing, wherein etching on paper etc shapes of words that we call alphabets have added to his glory. Man has become the lord of the widespread realm of knowledge-science due to the varied artistic skills he possesses in the form of writing and speaking. Those who lack this special art in a sense can be called mentally dumb and deaf. It certainly is not an overstatement that our inner and external happiness and development is based on words and its sound. In the creation and advancement of the inner human personality, in rendering human society well advanced and organized the importance of words reigns supreme.

Everyone is well aware of this gross usa