The REAL Reason You Have Fear

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately: “What’s the REAL reason we have fear?” Why? Because I’ve been having more fear than usual. Why? I’m doing things that are new in my business and thus, I’m in unfamiliar territory. You’ve probably heard these explanations for the root of your fear more than once:

* You’re out of your comfort zone

* You need more information

* You fear the unknown

* You lack courage

* You lack focus

* You lack self-confidence

And that’s just a short list! While all of those reasons are potentially valid depending upon the situation, I’d like to dig a little deeper, using your fingerprints as our map through fear. Your fingerprints reveal several aspects of your soul, and one of those aspects is your Life Lesson. Your Life Lesson is your blind spot, your gremlin, your nemesis, your “negative tapes.” Your Life Lesson could be one or a combination of these issues: