The Spread Offense For Youth Football? Not If You Are Coaching Non-Select Kids

Make Sure Your Data is Real World When Deciding on an Offensive Direction

I attended a “youth football” session at a coaches clinic in the last 3 months that still troubles me. We won’t go into where the clinic was or who the speaker was, that isn’t important, what is important is the issue of how we as coaches interpret data presented to us. At this clinic, the data was totally bogus and flawed, which made the speakers premise that “ALL” youth football teams could run his system incorrect.

There are many very talented youth football coaches out there that know their stuff. They may have coached youth ball for decades and clearly understand what average kids can and can’t do. They understand that even with the best coaching in the planet and even 4-5 days a week practice, there are certain things most average skilled kids just can’t do.

Decisions, Decisions

On the other hand there are also plenty of dads that get pressed into coaching youth football that are uncertain what they should be able to get out of the typical grouping of non-select football players. Some of this group sell the kids short and don’t get as advanced as they should, but many others think their kids are mini NFL players and put them into schemes and techniques that the average player has very little chance of succeeding with. The good coaches with all the experience usually sit right in the middle of these two extremes and put their kids in a system that is the right “fit”.

Clinic Sales Job

Now back to the coaches clinic, the speaker seemed to be a very articulate, well educate