Top Nine Project Management Trends in 2012 – Just a Heads Up for You

While it’s not possible to predict what’s going to happen in the future, it’s pretty easy to predict the trends in the field of project management. How? Here’s the secret. We can forecast the project management trends with a moderate level of confidence based on what has happened in the previous year and based on recent survey results. Let’s see that now.

The following trends are the high level summary of the recent trends based on recent management study reports and a few survey reports.

Customer Trends – Middle class people are increasingly making use of the Internet to buy products and services and they expect best of the best in every purchase.

Economics Trends – China’s GDP is growing at an average of 9% this year; India’s GDP is growing at an average of 7.5% and both the Europe’s & US GDP are growing at an average of 3%. Both China and India progress have been remarkable in this year.

Business Trends – Great business practices are emerging. To name a few, cloud computing and virtualization are gaining momentum. Outsourcing is growing and E-commerce has gone social now. Also, businesses want to sit next to the customer when developing products and services for better feedback.

Social Trends – The number of Social Networking Sites (SNS) have nearly doubled since 2008. People all around the world are started to use social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter to share their experience.

Now, let us look at few recent survey results.

The NFIB Research Foundation has collected Small Business Economic Trends data with quarterly surveys since 1974 and monthly surveys since 1986 and found that Sales remain the largest problem for small firms. The BNI Business Index was created by BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. It was created to gauge the economic state of business worldwide based on global survey results of retailers, service companies, and manufacturing companies all around the world. According to the BNI survey participants, 70.4% of the respondent