Traveling Co To Island – New heaven for summer holidays

of Co To Island at top of your list. Let’s be surrounded by the Nature and make life more beautiful. Co To Island has been pristine, which appeals the exploration of globe island has an area of 47.3 square kilometers. There are about 50 islands surrounding the main island of Co To. Vegetation in Co To is diverse with various natural forests. Co To Island possesses one of the most marvelous beaches in Vietnam. Co To Beach is an ideal destination for travelers to escape from the heat and relax after a hard working period. Co To Beach is said to be “Hawaii” of Vietnam with beautiful and untouched smaller islands which own smooth white sand, turquoise waters and azure sky. Only by coming to Co To Island can travelers understand the glamor of this land. In Northern Vietnam tours, trips to Co To Island are quite new. Travelers have a chance to explore the serene and pristine beauty, majestic nature, and hospitable locals in this island.

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Co To is covered by blue sky, turquoise water, and lush green forest, along with lovely wild flowers. Somewhere, there is a sound calling for coming to Co To and enjoying the summer vacation. Travelers popping in Co To Island will be definitely overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery. Stone fields of all shapes and colors, along with sounds of sea waves, all create a beautiful symphony. Standing in front the green pearl island of Vietnam, travelers have a chance to admire the untouched charm of Co To Beach. It shows that the Nature bestows this island many wonderful landscapes and seascapes. Coming to Co To Island in summer, travelers have an opportunity to contemplate the outstanding sunset, enjoy fresh air, discover the local fishermen and diverse marine life here. The island is also the convergence of various kinds of flora and fauna system. Swimming at Co To Beach is an interesting activity when traveling here. After immersing in the cool turquoise water, you can taste delicious and fresh seafood. Although owning primitive and attractive beauty, Co To brings romance and happiness to couples, domestic and international travelers. Co To Island promises to bring a great tourism potential. Vietnam tour packages to Co To in recent year change and develop significantly with modern and good facilities to welcome both domestic and international tourists. Long beaches with white smooth sand and clear blue seawater are appealing points in the island. Two most famous beaches in Co To Island are Hong Vanh and Van Chay. Immersing in the cool sea water will bring a sense of relaxation and comfort to travelers. Travelers come to Quang Ninh as being attracted by the Nature’s charm with an amazing Natural World Wonder – Halong Bay, and a marvelous Co To – pearl island. Co To is becoming a popular destination of travelers around the world, which promises a great tourism potent