What is the Best Warcraft Profession?

questions, and among these is “what is the best profession in Warcraft?”

It would be ridiculous to say that one profession is the absolute best and to tell every new player to choose that one all the time; it would be untrue and no one would believe me. However, if you can tell me what you want out of a profession and what sort of playing style you have, then I can give you a pretty good idea about what Warcraft profession will work best for you, or at least that character.



The first thing to ask is what you want out of your profession. Is it the items that you can make? Is it to make money? Is it because your guild needs someone with that profession? All of these are legitimate reasons for picking a profession; sometimes these reasons are at odds with each other, and other times they are not. And since you can only have two professions per character, you want to make a choice that makes sense. Of course, you can overcome this to some degree by creating new characters to pick up other professions, but this takes playing time away from your main character, and that might not be to your liking.

If you are picking a profession for the items you can make, then your second profession should be a gathering profession that supports the primary one. For instance, I had a level 70 Hunter that I was trying to gear up, and the best head gear I could find was one that Engineers could make…but the item itself is Soulbound once you make it, so only Engineers could use the item.

So once I chose to go into Engineering, I had to level up in