Window Treatments – 101

sure I’m losing you just about now. Even though the individual styles and designs can be complicated, at their basic the window treatments can be broken down and explained simply.

There are two basic categories of window treatments: hard (usually made out of hard materials) and soft (made out of fabric). Within each category, there are several styles of products. So here we go, without commentary or application – just facts.

Category-hard: style-blind. We are all familiar with this product – aren’t we? Many actually mistakenly use this term for many other types of window treatments. In essence, a blind is comprised of horizontal or vertical slats that can be moved on the window (up, down, or across) and tilted for privacy and light control. They come in different sizes, with variety of lift systems, in several materials, and in multitude of colors.

Category-hard: style-shade. A shade is a type of treatment that can only be raised and lowered. It cannot be tilted. The most well-known example of this style is a honeycomb shade (also referred to as cellular or cell shade). Another well-known (but not very popular nowadays) example is a roller shade. On the other hand, a very popular covering, roman shade is similar to t